Fiat Socialism - Carlos García Hernández
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Fiat Socialism - Carlos García Hernández

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Fiat socialism could also be called flexible socialism, as it frees socialism from the rigidities imposed by historical law. This socialism will take different forms in different places, it accepts that socialist organizations are not exempt from making mistakes, it will involve different levels of participation by the private sector, as well as different levels in the gross
operating surpluses, and it is open to processes of improvement in order to mobilize real resources in the best possible way to achieve the goals of socialism. Only one rigidity is established: monetary sovereignty.
Modern monetary theory is only valid in monetary systems where the state is the sovereign issuer of its currency and where there is an appropriate coordination between the Central Bank and the Treasury. If Archimedes in ancient Greece said give me a point of support and I will move the world, a socialist Archimedes would say give me monetary sovereignty and I will build you socialism.
Euro delendus est

Pages: 360

ISBN: 978-3-944203-50-8