Modern Monetary Theory - Bill & Warren's excellent adventure
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Modern Monetary Theory - Bill & Warren's excellent adventure

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The expected publication date of the book is July 15th, 2024. Pre-orders can be filed by email at


In this book, William Mitchell and Warren Mosler, original proponents of what's come to be known as  Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), discuss their perspectives about how MMT has evolved over the last 30 years,

In delightful, entertaining, and informative way, Bill and Warren reminisce about how, from vastly different backgrounds, they came together to develop MMT. They consider the history and personalities of the MMT community, including anecdotal discussions of various academics who took up MMT and who have gone off in their own directions that depart from MMT's core logic.

A very much needed book that provides the reader with a fundamental understanding of the original logic behind 'The MMT Money Story' including the role of coercive taxation, the source of unemployment, the source of the price level, and the imperative of the Job Guarantee as the essence of a progressive society - the essence of Bill and Warren's excellent adventure.

The introduction is written by British academic Phil Armstrong.

ISBN: 978-3-944203-72-0